About the Astrological Society

The Astrological Society was founded to promote the recognition and development of the Sidereal Body of Man.

The Sidereal Body is the basis of Man's consciousness and forms a lawful, symmetrical structure through which we can evolve and grow. Astrology is a reflection of that same structure in the Cosmos.

The Society's prime objective is the teaching of Astrology as a way of inspiration and understanding, a means of extending the astrologer's awareness and creativity.

The teaching within the Society is centred around groups meeting regularly, with a common purpose, to build a solid foundation in astrology. The exchange of ideas, observations and insights within the group creates a vitality and an impetus which aids the growth of the individual.

The Society believes that the development of the ability to draw up and interpret horoscopes is inseparable from the development of the astrologer. Therefore, work in groups is divided between teaching astrological skills and the underlying structure and philosophy implicit in astrology. Traditional techniques for the development of observation skills are employed.

Astrological meditation is encouraged as a means of calming the mind, thus providing a stable foundation for the development of insight.

The Society has a strong interest in the practical value of astrology in daily life, through using the astrological framework to deepen one's understanding of the world. It actively promotes astrological research, and groups interested in particular areas of work meet regularly. For example, the fundamental laws of astrology have been applied to the galactic rather than the zodiacal plane, seeking a new perspective of man's position in the Universe. Another group has developed a system of physical movements based on astrological principles. A current research group is investigating refinements to the technique of Galactic Astrology.

It is the view of the Astrological Society that astrology in open to everybody and that its study expands the horizons of both the practitioner and Mankind.


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