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Association of Professional Astrologers Organisation of professional astrologers who abide by a code of ethics. Membership, facility to locate an approved astrologer & links.

Astro Data Bank Site by Lois Rodden for astrological research, education and software. Includes charts and biographical information.

Astrological Association of Great Britain Annual conference, newsletter, journal & links to local groups in the UK.

Astrological Lodge of London Events, news, meetings, classes and lectures. Many useful links.

Centre for Psychological Astrology Founded by Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas in 1983. Public seminars, mailings & browse the CPA Press astrology books.

Company of Astrologers Courses, seminars, articles & useful links.

Mayo School of Astrology Founded by Jeff Mayo, this school offers correspondence courses.

Metalog Search facility for astrology including schools, associations and consultant astrologers.

Urania Trust Search facility for astrology and related subjects.



High Peak Meditation A traditional Western meditation system.

Samatha Meditation

Buddhist meditation.



British Mysteries Working with the mythology and mysteries of Britain.

Nine Ladies Organisation for women.

Quarterstaff Fighting Learn to fight with the traditional British Quarterstaff.

Saros Foundation for the Perpetuation of Knowledge The Saros organisation is now defunct, but this site remains and contains useful pages on Western esoteric philosophy.

Saros International A correspondence course on Saros philosophy.

Sareoso A peasant mystery tradition.

SpaceCentre Movement & philosophy.


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